Refund policy


●Within 3 days after the items arrive, please check them for damage/defects and whether or not they are the correct items.
We do our best to guarantee the quality and shipping of our products, but in the case of a damaged item or the delivery of an incorrect item, we want to handle returns and exchanges quickly.

●当收到订购商品时, 请务必在3天内检查产品是否有瑕疵, 并检查产品是否正确。本公司采取完善措施确保商品品质与出货, 万一送到商品有瑕疵, 或与顾客订单内容不符, 本公司将立即进行退换货处理。


●Returns or exchanges for customer's convenience will be only available for unused items, however, all shipping and handling fees should be burdens of customer.



●We cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.
・More than 4 days have passed since the item was delivered.
・The item has been used.
・Items that acquired odors or are dirty due to the customer, and items that are damaged.
・Products missing their accessories, boxes, etc.
・The item has been mended or washed.
・Sale items.



● 倉庫と在庫を共有している為、サイト上の在庫情報と実際の在庫数との間に誤差が生じる場合があります。ご注文頂いた商品が万が一なくなっていた場合はキャンセルのご連絡をさせて頂きます。ご了承の程よろしくおねがい致します。

●Due to inventory management, there may be errors in the number of stocks. In case of products shortage, we will contact customer for cancellation. I appreciate for your understanding.

●在库存管理的方式上,发生库存数误差的可能性。 万一库存数量不足, 通知取消. 请您谅解。