MCP(Mid Century Patchwork)Track Pants-1/HNPT-081

  • MCP(Mid Century Patchwork)Track Pants-1/HNPT-081

MCP(Mid Century Patchwork)Track Pants-1/HNPT-081



Track pants based on lightweight polyester smooth fabric.Norbit's world view is expressed with a patchwork sideline made from a combination of redius inspired by the mid century.Nano water repellent treatment allows you to use it without stress even in light rain.These pants are scheduled to be released as a standard in the future with a change in coloring oloring every season.every season. First of all, please enjoy series 1.

    Polyester 100%
    Water Repellent

SIZE ウエスト(WAIST) ヒップ(HIP) 股上(RISE) 股下(INSEAM)
M 73cm 112.5cm 33cm 69.5cm
L 78cm 117.5cm 34cm 71.5cm
XL 83cm 122.5cm 35cm 73.5cm


  • 膨大な年月を経ても色あせない、先人の生み出した技術、機能美。 最新のテクノロジーから生み出される技術、機能美。 新旧それぞれの素晴らしさを『フィールド、旅、チル』をテーマとして生み出される作品です。 「心地よい休日」そんな時に見つける一着がnorbitです。

    The colors with techniques and beautility created by the skillful artists have never faded out for years. Today, those are rebuilt by the latest technology. We respect both the tradition and the modern to create our products. With our theme, "Field, Journey, Calm(Chill)," norbit fits to your Relaxing Holidays.